Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine & Massage Therapy – Kapiti Coast

Historically the use of naturopathic and herbal medicine stems back for thousands of years, and much knowledge – both science and non science based has been gathered. With the evidence based research that is available to us today we have more and more creditable knowledge of naturopathic and herbal medicine being effective in healthcare. This is being valued by wider groups of healthcare professionals and the community today.

Seeing a naturopath and medical herbalist is a great investment into your long term health that focuses on key principles:

  • Identify and treat the cause not the symptom.
  • Provide a safe and comfortable space in which people can talk about their health and be listened too with respectfully.
  • Listen to and treat the whole person holistically, and support their bodies own natural abilities to regain optimal health.
  • Promote a healthy lifestyle and disease prevention strategies.
  • Use shared decision making between the practitioner and client to produce best achievable recommendations.
  • Empower the client to play a role in their health progress.
  • Cause no harm.

At the Vitality Healthcare clinic Justine designs her clients tailored treatment plans that are herbal, nutritional, supplemental, and life goal setting based. With years of clinical experience behind her Justine sees people with all different kinds of health conditions and concerns. Furthermore sharing a great interest in reproductive health for both men and women, and elderly healthcare. Massage Therapy appointments are also available at the clinic, see the other areas of this website for further details.


“I went to see Justine after a friend recommended her, she was wonderful, very thorough in her consultation and I felt in safe hands. I have followed Justine’s suggestions for lifestyle changes, and also vitamins and herbs. I can honestly say I feel a 100% improvement and would highly recommend Justine to anyone – Sarah”


“Justine helped me with her knowledge of medicinal plants, also a deep understanding of how the body and mind works. With a non judgmental attitude and caring presence Justine was very helpful. I would happily see her again in the future – Justin Thomson”


“Justine has a lovely, gentle professional presence. I found the whole experience perfect and so relaxing – Victoria”


“I found Justine very professional, easy to talk to and she really listened. My health improved which I was very grateful for – Dawn”


“I had my first consultation with Justine nearly a year ago. I was feeling tired, anxious and moody, my skin was looking awful and overall I was just feeling yuck!. After my first consultation Justine put me on a range of herbs and supplements including something to help with my skin health. I had to persevere with the herbs (not the yummiest thing I’ve ever had) but I stuck with them and the supplements regularly and could definitely see the difference, I had more energy, my mood was better overall and my skin had never looked better! Justine was able to remind me how important it is to look after myself  – Anjana Mistry”


Justine Sheerin – Naturopath, Medical Herbalist & Massage Therapist – Kapiti Coast

Bachelor of Naturopathy and Herbal Medicine


IMG_0021 (1)I am a very involved/passionate Naturopath, Herbalist, and Massage Therapist. Doing this as a profession has been a dream of mine from a very young age, and is not just a job but a lifestyle that overlaps into all areas of my life.

Like most people I’ve had times of ill health that has manifested from many different avenue’s – physical, emotional, environmental, and spiritual. Thus I find a holistic approach to caring and nurturing myself the best way forward. Seeing all aspects of my well being improve from applying this knowledge to my own health has been a driving force in my journey to be a greater practitioner every day. I apply this wholeheartedly towards my client’s health, and thrive on seeing people around me becoming healthier happier people.

I have also done training in Rongoa – Maori Medicine. An aspect of Rongoa is the use of New Zealand native plants as medicine, and  fundamentally  its roots are strongly based on respecting our native bush and its sustainability holistically which is a great passion of mine. Presently I am also an Iridologist trainee, which is a great additional tool I use in clinic.